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        c罗是谁Trademark Registration Packagec罗是谁 - Protect your brand by registering your name or logo online in just minutes. Top #1 Trademark Filing Service since 2010! You can trademark in 180+ Countries in 3-easy-step online.

        Trademark Registration starts at $399 USD + govt fee

        Trademarkia is one of the largest trademark websites in the world. Each month Trademarkia assists clients with preparing over a thousand trademark applications around the world! See Recently Filed Trademarks through Trademarkia. Filing a trademark through Trademarkia network is easy and painless. You can finish your trademark registration application in 5 minutes

        Protect your name, slogan, logo, or business
        • c罗是谁

          Easy Online Form, Credibility, and Experience!

        • c罗是谁


          Trademarkia's online application service was designed by experienced trademark lawyers and every application we receive is filed by qualified paralegals.

          A properly crafted trademark registration application will (1) help to assure that your trademark registration provides the broadest possible protection and (2) help your application to proceed as smoothly and as quickly as possible through the USPTO.

          Trademarkia automates and simplifies the trademark filing process. You just need to follow 3 easy steps to finish the application process.


          Once we have filed your application with the USPTO, they will assign a "filing date" as of the date the application was received. If the application meets the filing requirements, the PTO assigns it a serial number.

          A few months after the application is filed, an Examiner at the PTO will review the application and determine whether the mark may be registered. If the examining attorney determines that the mark cannot be registered, the examining attorney will issue a letter, referred to as an "Office Action," listing any grounds for refusal and any corrections required in the application. The Office Action must be responded to within six months, or the application will be abandoned. Please contact Trademarkia if you receive an Office Action, and if you are using our Gold Package, an Attorney can respond on your behalf.

          The Examiner may refuse to register the trademark for a number of reasons, including a conclusion that there is a likelihood of confusion between the applicant's mark and a registered mark. Marks which are merely descriptive in relation to the applicant's goods or services, or a feature of the goods or services, may also be refused. Marks may be refused for other reasons as well. In some cases, a properly crafted response to the Office Action can overcome the Examiner’s initial refusals to register the trademark.


          If the trademark was in use before the application was filed, the PTO will register the mark and issue a registration certificate about 3 months after the mark was published (if no opposition was filed.)

          If, instead, the application was based on the intent to use the mark (an "intent-to-use" application), the PTO will issue a Notice of Allowance about three months after the mark was published (again, provided no opposition was filed). Within six months after the Notice of Allowance is issued, either (1) you must begin using the mark and properly notify the PTO, or (2) request a six-month extension; otherwise, the application will be abandoned. After the PTO has been properly notified that the trademark is in use, the PTO will then issue the registration certificate.



        Trademarkia is one of the largest trademark search engines in the world. You can file and register your trademark in 170+ countries in the world through Trademarkia, including in the United States, China, Japan, the European Union, Korea, and many others. With the A La Carte Package, you follow step-by-step online legal form designed by world class global trademark attorneys at leading law firms; and Trademarkia Network law firm does the rest. It's easy and the protection lasts indefinitely in most countries.


        Trademarkia can also automatically provide you with reminders and keep you up to date of your status after you file your trademark application. Trademarkia's automated reminders help you so that you don’t have to deal with government bureaucracy or forget important dates.