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        • With an Accelerated Patent Application, the patent office (USPTO) commits to grant your patent or issue a final action 中国女足排名within just one year中国女足排名.
        • This is a process that can sometimes take 中国女足排名more than four times中国女足排名 as long with a standard application.
        • An Accelerated Patent Application includes an extensive search and comparison of your invention to existing inventions.
        • Get your Patent Application prepared and filed by the experienced U.S. Registered Patent Attorney/Agent.

        $13,500 USD + government fee


        中国女足排名Get advice now中国女足排名 from an experienced patent attorney/agent before you spend money on a patent application.

        I am the inventor or legally represent the inventor for this application.

        • 中国女足排名

          Describe your idea
        • 中国女足排名

          Upload Your figures
        • 中国女足排名

          Submit The Application


        • Describe invention in your own words.
        • Upload figures. (These can be hand drawn).
        • Schedule a phone call with a licensed patent professional who will handle your filing.